What do I have in store for 2011?

I’ve been thinking about this blog a bit, and I have realized that it doesn’t really represent me all that well.  Sure, I cook.  What else do you know about me?  Do you know why Amy, and my mom both think I’m out of my mind?


So in essence, what I plan to do is to let you in a little more.  I’m going to show you places I go, things I do.  I’ll still be cooking for you, but from time-to-time you’ll get a glimpse of what my life is like.  Life is about so much more than the time we spend at the stove (or doing dishes), its about how we live, and sharing with people what we can.  You might see me at a bar seeing some live music, or out for dinner, or perhaps you might even get to see me playing disc golf.  (I spend enough time doing it, I might as well let you see it.)  You might get a couple of these posts, since I have some plans for this weekend.


In the not to distant future, you will hopefully get some video of me cooking, and whatever other adventures I have.  Thanks to Jessie at Savory-bites I will be getting a new video camera to play with.   She does some really cool stuff, and I have plans to tackle at least one of her recipes.  Of course I will have to adapt it to be gluten-free, but it should taste great!


That is it for now, hopefully you had a safe and enjoyable New Years, and are ready to have a fantastic 2011.  I think there are big things in store for us.


One response

  1. Amy

    Aw, babe…I don’t think you’re THAT outta your mind. Just a little. xoxo

    January 4, 2011 at 12:53 pm

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