Gluten-free Butternut squash ravioli

Since I am a cook, and we are open for Thanksgiving, I work.  After, I go to my mom’s for dinner.  We have a pretty basic Thanksgiving dinner.  Of course I am also on a gluten-free diet, which complicates things a bit.  Amy’s family has Thanksgiving dinner while I am at work, and she comes to our dinner late.  It works out well enough.  I don’t get to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner of my own, but I try to cook something that feels nice and fall-like.  This year I decided to take a shot at gluten-free butternut squash ravioli, and a sage beurre blanc.  This was the second time I have made pasta, and the first time gluten-free.

The first thing I did was start with the filling for my ravioli.

1 small butternut squash cut into cubes, and seeded

2 thin slices of guanciale(I used less than a slice of bacon. Use pancetta if you don’t have guanciale.) finely diced (optional)

1/2 small onion, finely dice

1 clove garlic, minced

1/2 TBSP herbes de provence

1 tsp kosher salt

1/4 cup shredded asiago cheese

Start with the squash.  Cut off the top and the bottom, then cut the neck off.  Cut the neck into one inch cubes, and quarter the bottom, seed it, and cut into one inch cubes. Toss with a little oil, and salt and pepper, and roast it until it is softened and brown.  Let it cool for a few minutes, and pull the skins off.  This will be easy.Next I heated a skillet, and added a little oil, and then the guanciale  to render it.  Once it had started to brown a bit I added the garlic and onion.  Once the onion had become a bit transparent I added the squash, and herbes de provence, and a little bit of salt.  Next I transfered everything to my food processor, and pureed it in batches.  I added part of the asiago with each batch.  Once I was done I put this in the fridge to cool before I filled the ravioli.  If you want to make this vegetarian the only change you would have to make is skip the guanciale, and just saute the onions and garlic in a little oil.

Pasta is a fairly simple thing.  With wheat flour it can be as simple as flour, eggs and salt.  The time I made lasagna noodles by hand that is what I did.  With gluten-free flours it is a bit more involved, but only because you need xanthan gum!  I used the four flour bean mix from the Gluten-Free Gourmet by Bette Hagman, but I would imagine any good flour blend would work well. This is a variation of her bean pasta recipe.  It worked well.  In the case of gluten-free pasta we have an advantage.  We don’t have to spend a long time kneading to develop gluten, and the dough doesn’t have to rest before it can be worked, and we also don’t have to worry about overworking the gluten.

1 cup flour

2 tsp  xanthan gum

1/2 tsp kosher salt

1 TBSP oil

2 large eggs

That is all it takes.  Combine the dry ingredients, whisk  the eggs and oil together, and combine, and mix until a ball forms.  I had to add a little water to make it all come together, but it was maybe a tablespoon.  Kneed for a few minutes on a counter dusted with cornstarch, or you can do what I did.  I worked on a piece of parchment, and then rolled it out between a second piece.  This allowed me to cut down on the mess in my small kitchen!  If you have a pasta maker you could use that, a rolling pin would work well, and if all else fails, improvise!  An empty wine bottle would work just fine.  I rolled my dough out as thin as I thought I needed it. (I was a little off! Oops, next time I do this they will be a bit thinner!)Add a small amount of filling to the center of the ravioli.  In the picture above I have the right amount of filling.  When you are ready to top the ravioli with the top dough a small amount of watter along the edge will help them stick together.  Pinch the edges together, and set aside.  Make sure you have a pot of boiling, salted water ready.

Now, we need to make the sauce.  Beurre blanc is literally white butter.  It is a simple sauce, but brings a lot of flavor!  Start with white wine, and cider vinegar, in equal amounts.  I started with 1/2 cup total, and a tablespoon of finely diced onion (shallots would be more traditional, but this worked fine.) and a little fresh ground pepper.  Reduce the liquid au sec, add a half dozen torn up leaves of fresh sage, and then whisk in room temperature butter.  I used a bit less butter than would traditionally be used.  I used a quarter pound of butter,  to make a lighter sauce rather than the half pound that should have been used in a traditional beurre blanc.  It was still a nice sauce, and tasted great.  While you are working on the sauce, boil your pasta for about 7 minutes, and serve hot, topped with the sage beurre blanc!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


9 responses

  1. Amy

    It was really good!
    …although, it should be noted: I made the sauce! 😉

    November 22, 2010 at 11:35 am

    • thepantryraider

      You did, and it was fantastic! Thank your for your help!

      November 22, 2010 at 3:12 pm

  2. Fabulous! I too am gluten free and one thing I’ve missed is ravioli. GF ravioli is hard to find. I have wanted to try my hand at making GF pasta, including ravioli so this totally spoke to me! It sounds absolutely delicious as well.

    THANK you for making it so easy, and explaining some of the fundamentals. Not having made pasta at all, knowing the nuances between that of GF and non, is invaluable!

    November 22, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    • thepantryraider

      With the exception of the different flours, and xanthan gum they are really almost identical. Next time I do this I will roll it out a lot thinner. This dough was pretty sturdy, and I just tried to rush through, and get done! Obviously, without an extruder die machine some of the more complex shapes are not going to be available to us. You can make your own spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, orrechetti, bowtie all pretty easily once you have the basics down.

      You’re very welcome! If you have questions, feel free to ask, I’ll try to answer them.

      Next time I might take a shot at toasted ravioli! THAT is what I have been missing. (One of the unique St. Louis, things. Deep fried ravioli!! Served with a dish of marinara!)

      November 22, 2010 at 3:51 pm

  3. Tes

    You make this looks so easy. We love ravioli and this looks so yummy and simple to make 🙂

    November 23, 2010 at 1:09 am

  4. Very interesting recipe. Yummy roasted squash.

    November 23, 2010 at 1:46 pm

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  6. These look really great! Do you think flax could be substituted for eggs? Thank you for linking up with us at gf fridays:). So happy to have you along.

    October 9, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    • I’ve never tried to sub flax seed for eggs, but if you’re avoiding eggs I don’t see how it could hurt to try. Obviously, aside from that the things that make this not vegan would be easy to eliminate.

      Thanks for reading my posts! I’m glad I was invited to gf Fridays! There are lots of us, and we can all learn from each other!

      October 9, 2012 at 3:58 pm

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