This is turning out to be a doozy!

Well, now, for a quick bit of trivia?  What does Doozy refer to?  Give up?  Dusenburg were at the time the most expensive, fastest, most powerful and most advanced American built cars.  Thus the expression, “Its a Duesy.”  Why I know this is a good question, and I have no answer.  Why I titled this post this way, well…  let’s just say, “Its a doozy.”

I’ll start by giving you the plan.  Use the CIA’s gluten-free baking book, and adapt to what I have on hand to make the focaccia recipe.

Here’s what is in the CIA’s book:

1 packet instant yeast

1/2 tsp rosemary

1/2 tsp basil

1/2 tsp oregano

1/2 tsp salt

2 cups Flour blend #1 (their weakest blend)

1/2 cup Flour  blend #3 (medium strength)

1 1/4 cup sparkling water (room temp)

1/3 cup olive oil

1/4 tsp white vinegar

olive oil and coarse salt for garnish

As it stands, right now I have broken my mixer.  The motor literally was smoking!  So I continued mixing it by hand to the best of my ability.  It proofed, but didn’t look like it did much to be honest.  It is now in the oven.  We shall see what happens.

So, what I did as far as the recipe goes

1 packet of yeast

1 1/2 tsp herbes de provence

1/2 tsp kosher salt

2 cups Bob’s Red Mill AP Baking Flour

1/2 cup buckwheat flour

3 tsp xanthan gum

1 1/4 cup sparkling water

1/3 cup canola oil

I would have added the vinegar because I was looking at the recipe while mixing, and suddenly I smelled ozone, then smoke, and the mixer stopped dead.  I grabbed a spatula, and started mixing by hand as well as I could.  I was a bit nonplussed, but decided to continue.  So I put it in the pan I had chosen for this particular adventure (an old skillet I have), and let it proof for about 35 minutes.  Right now, it is in the oven.  It smells good, but I’m a bit dubious at the moment.

It just came out of the oven, and since I don’t have any olive oil at the moment I used a little bit of the smoked Extra Virgin rapeseed oil I have and a little kosher salt sprinkled on top. What does it taste like?  I have no idea right now.  My plan is to let it cool fully overnight, and see what it does in the morning.  Of course, right now I’m thinking about new mixers.  I’ve hated the one I had, and now that it has finally bit the dust I can justify a new one that will hopefully be able to stand up to what I am trying to do!   So, this didn’t go exactly as I had envisioned, with any luck it will still be tasty!

Edit: 6:45am

I decided I would take a shot at eating a piece of the bread.  I should have thrown it like a frisbee into my neighbors yard.  You could tell that there was almost no leavening going on, which may have been because it wasn’t fully mixed, but also because the buckwheat was cold and didn’t let the yeast really do anything. Or the yeast may have been dead, that was an old packet of yeast.   I’ll try it again, but for now I need to find a new mixer!  It didn’t taste bad, but it is just kind of a slab of cooked dough.


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