Time to start baking again.

As the temperature starts to drop, and I no longer have to contend with the temperatures in my apartment soaring when I turn the oven on for more than a few minutes I start to think about baking.  Baking is not something I do a lot of, but I know how.  I’ve even been fairly successful at it, but I don’t know that I will ever really call myself a baker.  I’m not sure why.  I was always very good at science in school, but they exacting nature of baking has just never been something I have been concerned about.  Since going gluten-free, and abandoning the easy and cheap availability of breads, cookies, cakes, brownies, etc., I have started to become more interested.


Between my personal life and my professional life I straddle two worlds.  Personally, there is nothing in my home that includes any gluten whatsoever.  Professionally, however, I am a line cook in a club.  My job is to prepare whatever I am asked following any recipe that is put in front of me, and in certain situations create dishes (This tends to be soups mostly, in my case.).  This means at work I am making soups that are thickened with roux, dredging things in flour, and from time to time I even bake things.  All of this involves flour, and has in some ways made the transition to gluten-free baking more difficult.  Although it is a good thing to understand what is going on from the other side so to speak I find it harder to wrap my head around the maze of flours that are required in gluten-free baking.  Of the various cookbooks I have, each has at least one flour blend unique to that book.  The CIA book I have is great, but has five flour blends.  Those five are designed to give various levels of protein to approximate various types of (wheat)flours.  Those blends are then used in various combinations!  It is all a bit too much.

Because I kind of crave the simplicity of using one type of flour I have considered working on some things from the Babycakes cookbook. It uses Bob’s Red Mill AP Flour. This is a bit problematic as well.  It is all vegan(but not all gluten-free), and this means that I am either going to go on a quest for interesting items like coconut oil, agave nectar, and a few others, or I will be working out how to sub plain white sugar for evaporated cane juice.

I guess I am going to have to do a bit of truly experimental baking.  What I’m going to try (to start with at least) is to use the recipes from the CIA book, which seems to work more along the lines of a normal baking book, but with the Bob’s Red Mill Flour.  Essentially, I am going to try to cut through some of the confusion!


There are a few hurdles I have to figure out how to clear, and I’m sure that there will be mistakes along the way, but hopefully none will be so horrible that I won’t even be able to eat them!  I’m pretty sure I will have a pretty good idea if this is going to fly or not after a few attempts.  Wanna watch?


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