Shells with salsiccia

I’ve been playing around with pasta a bit lately.  As any of us who have been gluten-free for any length of time have surely noticed, most of the pasta sucks.  It generally tastes fine, not really like what we were used to, but good enough.  It tends to just have a strange texture.  Rice is the worst because it is just gritty.  Corn just never ends up feeling right.


The other day I ended up at the grocery store, again, and found pasta made from quinoa.  Quinoa is an ancient grain originally grown in the Andean mountains, and is highly nutritious. It is a complete protein, which is a very good thing for all you vegetarians!  Apparently  it also makes fantastic pasta!  It is a blend of corn and quinoa, and tastes pretty good, and can actually be cooked al dente, just like the pasta we all miss!

Now, Amy is not really big into sausage, or pork, or beef.  I love sausages, and generally the porkier the better!  However, since she said she would give them a shot I bought some turkey salsiccia.  They are Jeanie-O brand, and actually not too bad.   I started by cooking a couple of the sausages. (I was making dinner as well as my lunch for tomorrow.)  Then started the pasta.  I always cook pasta according to the directions on the box.  Cooking time varies by grain as well as shape.  I only had the shells so that is what I went with.


Next I split the sausages down the middle, and put them in the skillet with some sauce.  I had a jar of cabernet marinara.  It is very tasty with just a hint of wine flavor, it’s there, but not overwhelming.  I always try to get the sauce ready first, because you don’t want your pasta to wait for the sauce getting cold and mushy.  The sauce had thickened a bit so before I drained the pasta I added a splash of the pasta water to the marinara.  Then drained the pasta, poured the pasta into the skillet with the sauce, and tossed a bit to get everything sauced.  Then onto a plate, a little cheese, and mangia!

Hope you like it!


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  1. Amy


    October 8, 2010 at 9:21 am

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