It isn’t sea chicken!

I’ve been thinking that I wanted to get more seafood into my diet, although not to the Jeremy Piven level. That seems a little extreme. Amy had never had a tuna steak, so when I ran across them in the store a while back I picked a couple up, and popped them in the freezer. Yep, I bought frozen tuna. Now I know that lots of people will say that you shouldn’t eat frozen seafood because it changes the texture and flavor. Ok, sure, whatever. What is interesting about tuna is that it is blast frozen on the ship that caught it. You have never had tuna that wasn’t frozen. I don’t care if you spend top dollar on sushi, and it doesn’t matter where. LA, frozen. NYC, frozen. Chicago, frozen. St Louis, frozen. Tokyo, yep frozen. So unless you caught it yourself, it was frozen.

I thawed my tuna steaks, and made a vinaigrette to marinate them. This was a simple dressing that I just threw together. I mixed some a small amount of wasabi, some rice vinegar, gluten-free soy sauce, a little honey, and canola oil. Then I put the thawed fish in it. After about 10 minutes I turned it over.

I started some rice, and cut up some asparagus and carrots to saute.

Next I heated up a skillet to cook the fish in. I put a little oil in the skillet, and added the fish. After a couple of minutes I flipped it over, and put it straight into the oven. I was shooting for medium, since Amy doesn’t eat meat, and wasn’t comfortable with the texture of raw flesh. I figured that was a good balance between us. I like tuna sashimi. I guesstimated that would take about seven minutes. I was about right!

While the fish was in the oven I heated a second skillet, added a little oil, and sauted the veggies, and seasoned them with a dash of soy sauce.

In the end, medium was still a bit too raw for Amy, but I was able to fix that with a quick trip in the microwave to cook it all the way through. I enjoyed mine! The quick marinade added a nice flavor without covering anything up.

Now, of course we all know that it’s fish, and not chicken!


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