Frittata Anytime!

Legend has it that the folds in the French chef’s touque represent ways to cook an egg. Whether or not this is true, is not really the point.  The truth is that the egg is one of the most perfect foods.  It contains proteins, fat, and an emulsifier called lecithin.  Eggs are used in almost any meal, and in any course.  The important thing, for right now anyway, is that they taste great!  Like most people I know, I enjoy breakfast food pretty much without regard for the time of day.  Today for example I decided that I didn’t really feel like dealing with anything overly complicated for dinner, but I also wanted something that would taste great.  I decided to make a frittata.  A frittata is essentially where I quiche and omelet intersect.  So, it is baked like a quiche, but has no crust.  These two factors make it ideal for a quick and easy meal.

I was making dinner for two since Amy would be over.  It was really a pretty simple meal, everything would be in the frittata!  I decided to go with bacon, caramelized  onions, and Jarlsberg cheese.  I put three pieces of bacon in the oven to cook, because I really didn’t feel like dealing with the mess.  Then, I julienned half of an onion.  I put the onion in a skillet over low heat to caramelize it.  The trick with this is not to mess with it.  You have to leave the onion alone long enough to caramelize, and have the heat low so that it doesn’t burn.

Once the onions were caramelized, and the bacon was cooked I chopped the bacon into small pieces, scrambled four eggs, and grated the Jarlsberg. That is it, prep is finished.

The assembled mise en placeAll that remained now was to put this thing together.  It goes quick, so you need everything ready to go before you even think about starting to cook.

Assembling the frittata. From the beginning until it goes into the oven!

First heat a small amount of oil in the skillet, add the eggs, and treat them like you are going to scramble them, as they start to set, mix in the filling ingredients. I added the cheese last, and once everything was incorporated put it straight into the oven. You need to do this fast so that you don’t end up with scrambled eggs though.

I started with the burner down a little low so it took a minute to get going, but once it went into the oven at 375F it only took about 10 minutes.

This was a fantastic dinner, and could have very easily been made into a vegetarian meal.  Just like with an omelet there are almost no limits as far as what you could have in your frittata.  Enjoy breakfast for supper!  I know I do!


One response

  1. Amy

    I was hoping you would edit my ‘mysterious floating hand’ out of the video!
    But good food, baby!

    June 21, 2010 at 11:34 am

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