Fried Rice??

A big problem for me is that I work in a restaurant, and very often things are contaminated with flour.  I rarely eat, even when lunch is provided.  Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  We have a large brunch buffet.  There are leftovers.  I ran across a large amount of scrambled eggs.  There’s a product that we use.  It is essentially a bag of raw scrambled eggs.  It gets put into a pot of boiling water, and left for roughly an hour.  Obviously, this is not a product you or I have access to on a daily basis, but scrambled eggs are very easy.  Anyway, this gave me a great idea.  I made fried rice for the family meal.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you make fried rice.  First, you want your rice to be cold, not room temperature, but hours in the fridge cold.  The second is that you want to make your skillet really hot when you start.  This will move things along quickly, which is a good thing.

First thing, boil a cup of rice.  I can’t tell you what kind of rice they would use at the Chinese  restaurant you like, or PF Chang’s or Pei Wei, or whatever, but you can make this quick, and easy.  Just cook something sturdy.  Your plain white rice would be fine, basmati would too.  Jasmine rice would probably not hold up as well.  Cook your rice according to the directions on the package. I know that some people have trouble with rice, so I’ll let you in on a trick!  Do everything just like it says on the package.  What you will do different is when you get to the part where you turn down the heat, do it, and set your timer for 10 minutes.

“But the package says 15 minutes??” You are thinking.  After 10 minutes you are going to turn the heat off, and let it sit for another 10 minutes.  Then, spread the rice on a cookie sheet, and put it in the fridge.  This will help cool the rice off as quickly as possible.

Next scramble a couple of eggs.  There’s no real trick to this.  Again, you want this nice and cold before you put the rice into the pan.

What do you have around the house that you want to have in your fried rice?  Ham? Chicken? Tofu? Broccoli? Bell Pepper? Onions?  I grabbed a bell pepper, an onion, some broccoli, and some turkey.  I julienned everything except the broccoli which I cut into small pieces.  All of that I put into a container.  Next I got a little ginger, some garlic, and some green onion.  The ginger and garlic I minced, and the green onions I sliced fairly finely.  These went into a separate container.

Combine the rice and eggs in a bowl, and make sure the eggs are broken up into small pieces.

It’s almost time to cook.  Step one, you need to get your skillet really hot.  Put it on the stove, turn on the burner, and let it get hot.  This NOT a situation for non-stick.  Non-stick coatings shouldn’t be heated beyond a certain point, and you will be exceeding it.  Cast iron is probably not your best choice in this situation.  It holds heat too well, so you can’t control the heat as well.  I use stainless steel. Canola or peanut oil are probably best for this since they have a very high smoke point, and neutral flavors.  If you have it a little sesame oil would be a nice touch as well.  When you are doing any kind of stir-fry, have everything ready before you even think about starting.

Here’s what you need ready:

  • rice and eggs
  • veggies, and proteins
  • ginger/garlic/green onions
  • oil(s)
  • soy sauce (San-J wheat free tamari is the best I have found so far for the gluten-free of us)
  • Plates/bowls/serving dishes
  • big spoon

So, your skillet is hot? Put in the oil(s).  It takes a little more than you think.  If it starts smoking you are there.  Add the ginger/garlic/green onions, and start stirring.  It won’t take very long, so as soon as you smell this, add the container of veggies and whatever protein you wanted.  Keep stirring, and keep an eye on things.  The colors of the veggies will get brighter.  When the they are tender enough for you add the rice and eggs.  Keep stirring.  Once it is warm add the soy sauce.  It doesn’t really take that much, a couple of shakes of the bottle and you should be almost there.  The nice part is you can control how much sodium you get this way.  Taste it, and if you want a little more soy, you can add it.  Once the rice is in you can ease up on the stirring a little, but you do need to keep it moving!  Is everything hot?  Do you have enough soy sauce?  Get it out of the pan!  Enjoy!  I like mine with a little bit of sweet chili sauce.  That is just me though!

I realize this took a little time to describe, but it shouldn’t actually take that long to make.  Hope you enjoy!


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