Better Baking Through Chemistry Part 4

I love sandwiches, and before I went gluten-free I used to love the slightly sweet taste of wheat bread. Tonight I decided that I would tweak the bread recipe I used last time a little more. The buckwheat with the bean flour gave a nice flavor, but it was fairly subtle. The plan for tonight was to considerably up the flavor quotient! I’ve made bread using just the bean mix, and it tastes nice, but it was a bit plain. Using 25% buckwheat was a subtle improvement, and originally I was just going to double it and go 50%. I did replace half of the bean mix, but rather than go with all buckwheat, I added sorghum as well. My thinking was that the whole wheat breads I liked had a little touch of sweetness, and the sorghum would give that to me. So my current blend is 50% four flour bean mix, 12.5% sorghum, and 37.5% buckwheat, or 1 cup four flour bean, 3/4 cup buckwheat, and 1/4 cup sorghum. It just came out of the oven, and is cooling in the kitchen. I am going to go to bed, and will have to wait to taste until morning. We’ll see what it tastes like tomorrow. I think it should be really tasty!


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