Is this a blessing or a curse?

As I’m sure most of the gluten-free people reading this can attest we tend to end up with a bunch of flours. Honestly, quite a few of them are from things I never thought about getting flour from. I mean, really, Gavfava flour?? Anyway, my point is that most of our non-gluten-free friends have essentially one choice when it comes to baking. Wheat flour, and yes it works wonderfully. At first the number of flours really annoyed me, and it may tomorrow, but for now I can see that it really does free us in some ways. The gluten issue can be solved through chemistry. Xanthan gum fixed a lot of the trouble we have, although we have to be careful, too much and you get a strange slimy consistency, not enough, and you don’t have the structure.

So far, my baking has been fairly limited, but I am realizing that I have the freedom to tailor the texture and flavor of what I bake by using different flour mixtures. I have some really interesting stuff, buckwheat, sorghum, so why not play with them? Obviously, I’ll have to mess with this a bit. I have noticed that rice flour tends to be somewhat gritty. Buckwheat has lots of protein, and a nice nutty flavor. What will it do in a bread? I’ll work my way up to that. I have a crepe recipe that I want to try out first, and then there is the madeleine recipe with buckwheat and almond flour that I want to take a crack at.

The options are a lot more varied than I, and probably you thought when we started with a gluten-free diet. I know at first, I ate very simple things, and sometimes still do, because I don’t always feel like making a mess in the kitchen. I do cook for a living, so sometimes after work I don’t even feel like eating, much less cooking. Of course I also thought about throwing away all of my cookbooks, and then I started looking in them, and realized that there is still a lot that I can eat in them. I’m going to modify some of the ones in the old cookbooks.

I also realized that I was going to need to figure out some ways to save money, and rather than buy chicken breasts, like I used to I have started buying whole chickens and breaking them down. A whole bird will cost probably half as much as the equivalent weight in chicken breasts. Of course, this means a little more work for me, but it also gives me a lot more options. I can make stock, plus whatever I want to eat from the meat of the bird.

Stick with me here, and I’ll get cooking soon. I know, I keep talking.


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